Fu Wenjun and his innovative photography art first show at Fine Art Asia 2018

    Digital PictorialPhotography, a contemporary photography art style created by prestigious Chineseartist Fu Wenjun, is to be featured at Fine Art Asia 2018 for the first time. His innovative photography art aims at extending the boundary of photographyart and building a dialogue with other art forms including Chinese painting, oilpainting, print, sculpture.

    Artist Fu Wenjun’s Digital Pictorial Photography works are presented as a solo show with Independent & Image Art Space at FineArt Asia 2018 booth No. E18, which open to the public from Saturday29th September to Tuesday 2nd October.

    Thesix pieces to be show, Spring Water,After Fresh Rain in the Mountain, Dissolution, Origin, Rose Desert, Dream, continue Fu Wenjun’s reflection towards the issues related to the world history, cultureand human nature, providing an Eastern philosophical reading and considerationson the problems in our current changing world.

    Interms of his photography art style, Fu Wenjun intends to establish a widerrelation between photography and other art forms like Chinese painting, oilpainting, print, sculpture etc. visually, perceptional and conceptually,further to strengthen photography’s power on presentation and expression.

    “For quite a long time, photography hasbeen regarded as a tool to record the reality, to tell a story. In thisperspective, the artistic creative nature of photography which is born with hasbeen constrained. Digital Pictorial Photography, a new contemporary photographyart style I put forward, turns away from the recording function of photographycommonly acknowledged by the public, and try to make photography be itself andto explore to place photography art in dialogue with other art media, likeChinese painting, oil painting, print, sculpture etc, so as to extend thepossibility of photography art and to provide the viewers a very differentvisual experience.” noted Fu Wenjun.

    FuWenjun, graduated from Sichuan Fine ArtsInstitute creates principally through the art media of photography,installation, sculpture and oil painting, and has put forward the concept andpractices of “Digital Pictorial Photography”.

    His solo exhibitions are presented at the NationalArt Museum of China (Beijing), at the Museu Europeu de Arte Moderno(Barcelona), at the Old Summer Palace Museum (Beijing), at the Today Art Museum(Beijing), at the United Nations Headquarters (New York), at the GuangdongMuseum of Art (Guangzhou) and at other international art organizations. Fu Wenjunexhibited at significant international exhibitions, including the EsposizioneTriennale di Arti Visive a Roma, London Art Biennale, the BiennaleInternazionale d’Arte del Mediterraneo, the Triennale dell’Arte Contemporanea,the 1st Asia Biennial/5th Guangzhou Triennial, the XVIII Bienal de Cerveira,NordArt, the collateral exhibition of Biennale di Venezia 2013, entitled Voiceof the Unseen Chinese Independent Art 1979/Today.

    His works are among international organizationand museum collections, such as the National Art Museum of China, Museu Europeud'Art Modern, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museumand Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts in France.

    Fine Art Asia 2018

    Hall 3, Hong KongConvention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

    Fu Wenjun DigitalPictorial Photography Booth No. E18

    Friday, 28thSeptember 2018, 4-9 pm VIP Preview (By Invitation Only)

    6-9 pm Vernissage (By Invitation Only)

    Saturday to Monday,29th September to 1st October 2018, 11am-7pm Open topublic

    Tuesday, 2ndOctober 2018, 11am-6pm Open to public

    Spring Water, Fu Wenjun,Digital Pictorial Photography

    After Fresh Rain in theMountain, Fu Wenjun, Digital Pictorial Photography

    Dream, Fu Wenjun, DigitalPictorial Photography

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