Again Enter the Scene, Again on the Way

    Preface for Fu Wenjun Digital PictorialPhotography Solo Exhibition

    By Wang Lin

    It was several years ago that I called thephotographic artworks of Fu Wenjun as “Digital Pictorial Photography”. I’venoticed that his artist statement says “he has put forward and created theschool of Digital Pictorial Photography”. Fu Wenjun’s determination and pursuitof building up a personal art style display his self-confidence on hiscreation, and also his responsibility for the expectations of friends. I andWenjun have founded the “Image 1+2” Exhibitions by Teachers and Students at NewMedia Art Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Our intention was, withthe help of this interactive educational activity, to make photography gobeyond an instant imaging, and to create a site relation of image and time. ArtInstitute as an entity with history could lead the creation into a continuousknowledge production, and could promote a “trend” into a “school”. On this,Wenjun has a lot to do. This is digression.

    Speaking of Fu Wenjun’s Digital PictorialPhotography, it’s natural to review his previous solo exhibitions, includingthe ones titled “Digital Brush”, “Ways of Xieyi Presented in Digital PictorialPhotography”, “Show of Formality”, and this time “Again Enter the Scene”.Obviously, in the field of contemporary art he goes inside and outside, outsideand inside, in a state of “I am as I am, I am free to exist”. Thanks to it, hecould be able to start from documentary photography, and keep walking to thepresent. His creation journey, from symbolic juxtaposition to image blend, fromcomputer montage to digital drawing, manifests his gradual entering into astate of “doing what he intends freely without breaking the rules”. He has achievedindependence and autonomy in terms of figurative and abstract, shape andconstruction, camera-shooting and manipulation, form, color and tone. Thetraces could be found in the five series to exhibit this time:

    Misplacement, a comprehensive series withmixed image manipulation;

    Human Nature for Food, a stylizedabstract body of work;

    F1, thematic portraits presented with line drawingand light color;

    Ask Tea, a composition of geometricshapes;

    Landscape, a return to the figurative,but in a different way, with a panoramic mural-style composition of reality andhyperreality.

    Generally, Fu Wenjun’s works have a character ofpolyphony, that is related to his travelling around the world to collect imageresources. His sensibility on snapshot comes from complex feelings aboutChinese and foreign culture. Frankly speaking, image combination could easilydescend to simplicity and superficiality. But Fu Wenjun is ambitious to pursueknowledge reconstruction in the photography art, which could be recognized fromwhat he does in the series Ask Tea:the works present diverse reactions to cultural fragments, just like ourfeelings towards the questions of reality, but with the image recombination ofrational geometric abstract and the application of dynamic color organization--- intensification created by complimentary yellow and blue in Van Gogh’s way--- to express feelings, he has surpassed the dispute of Eastern and Westernculture. At the moment, art is not understanding, not feeling, but personalcreation consciousness provided with cultural autonomy and languageself-government. Because “we may not understand the thing we feel, only thething we understand, we could have a profound feeling about it”, art is life’s“profound feeling” towards the world.

    It’s an artist’s talent and ability if he couldextract overflowed, complicated information and complex, changeable feelingsinto pure, clear ways of expression, at the same time to keep the poeticrichness; but what’s more important, contemporary art should pay more attentionto explore the targeted culture and reality, that is problem awareness. FuWenjun is prepared, and this solo exhibition “Again Enter the Scene” means tobe again on the way or even to restart, because Chinese contemporary art’saesthetic pursuit is excessively marketized and commercialized, which is anattractive, hurtful and somehow harmful trap.

    This is preface.

    January 16, 2019

    Chongqing Art Museum

    Again Enter the Scene--- Fu Wenjun DigitalPictorial Photography Exhibition

    Organizer: Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles
    Co-organizer: Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing Photographers Organization
    Academic host: Wang Lin
    Invited art critics: He Guiyan, Yin Dan, Deng Xu, Feng Daqing
    Opening: 3:30pm, January 16, 2019
    Exhibition period: January 16 -27, 2019
    Venue: Chongqing Art Museum, No.1 Hall
    Address: Guotai Arts Center, No.1 Linjiang Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

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