Artist Fu Wenjun Solo Show at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2018

  • Update:2019-04-16 14:30:04
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On the occasion of the fifth edition of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai held from September 20 – 23, 2018 at Shanghai Exhibition Center, a solo show of Fu Wenjun was presented with his latest artworks of Digital Pictorial Photography, his unique art style aims at extending the boundary of photography art.
The Digital Pictorial Photography, an innovative contemporary photography art created by Fu Wenjun, places photography in dialog with ink painting, oil painting, print, even sculpture and installation, and integrates into photography the features on color, composition, space etc. borrowed from other art forms, to widen the expression and presentation possibilities of photography art.
In Fu Wenjun’s Digital Pictorial Photography, photos are not only image symbols. Photos could expand the two-dimensional space defined by the frame or the support, and contribute to be a critical element in the space composition. Photos could divide the space and play game with the lights changing from time to time. The artworks turn away from the common seeing model and bring varied and interesting visual and aesthetical feelings to the viewers.