Solo Exhibition: Mind Follows the Heart, Fu Wenjun Exhibition

    Mind Follows the Heart: Fu Wenjun Exhibition
    Dates: October 26 – November 10, 2020
    Venue: Art Bund Puxi Museum, Shanghai

    The solo exhibition of Fu Wenjun presents 26 workpieces in his unique Digital Pictorial Photography and mixed media style. They are carefully selected from the series produced from 2017 to 2020, including "Misplacement", "Re-reading of Art History", "1980's", "Gatherers", and "Shock".
    Fu Wenjun is good at expressing his ideas through interesting artistic language. With these works, he continues his thinking and reflection on many aspects of Eastern and Western history, humanities, and culture. He responds to the pressing issues, pays attention to the situation of different social groups, reflects on the development of art history, and discusses the integration of Chinese and Western aesthetics. Anyway, concepts are always the core and soul of his creation.
    Fu Wenjun is not limited to styles, genres, forms, or media. He admires the vivid charms and atmosphere advocated by Chinese art and pays great attention to the elements like color, light and shadow, level, texture, volume, etc. With the mind following the heart, he creates without special rules. His works provide spaces for viewers to have interpretations from their individual experiences.

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