Group Exhibition: Distant Bodies, Museum of Now

    Fu Wenjun's series "Thought Reading" shows at digital exhibition Distant Bodies, presented by Museum of Now.

    With the emergence of the global pandemic in spring 2020, most art and culture foundations were faced with significant challenges. Due to the measures to fight the pandemic, the established way of presentation, communication and exchange suddenly became no longer possible.

    In response, the Museum of Now set up its digital exhibition program right at the start of the health crisis and introduced the permanent virtual exhibition "DISTANT BODIES". THE EXHIBITION IS EXPLORING THE QUESTION, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR BODIES CAN NO LONGER COME TOGETHER and calls on artists and creative minds worldwide to give positions that investigate the recent impact by the virus and its influence on the new normal. "Distant Bodies" is curated by Denis Leo Hegic, Jan Gustav Fiedler and Michelle Houston and brought to you by the generous support of our circle of friends MONcircle.

    The series "Thought Reading", referring to the ability of reading other people´s minds as one of the six supernormal powers believed by Buddhists.
    Fu combined the shots of the Buddhist statues from Dazu Grottoes, Chongqing (China) with CT images of human skulls – resulting in works of art that oscillate between generations, cultures, and geographies. What is defined as 'a thorough understanding of the others' ideas', in Wenjun´s opinion, is just a metaphor. The seeing is easily influenced by one’s desires. For this reason, Buddhism teaches to "look inward" as our most essential experience.

    To visit the online exhibition:

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