Group Exhibition: The Man and The Machine

    Dates: November 19-26, 2020
    Venue: MILLEPIANI Art Space, Rome, Italy

    Fu Wenjun's work "Leaving the Stage - Condense in the Time" is presented an the exhibition "The Man and The Machine" at MILLEPIANI Art Space, Rome.

    Since the first complex and automated technological inventions (starting from the experimental science of the sixteenth century up to the current electronic and digital machines) the relationship between man and machine has characterized every evolutionary development of civilization.

    Each new invention indelibly marks not only the course of technical development, but also the same vision of the world of man. A distinctive sign in the man-machine relationship is precisely the determined will of the individual and his mental structure to accept the instant modification of his habits by virtue of a new technological discovery. Today the dependence on intelligent machines is made manifest in every field concerning human activity. Especially since the 19th century, art has represented an important cultural field through which we may reflect on the relationship between man and machine, starting from the futurist experiences in the pictorial field, passing through the film productions of Fritz Lang with Metropolis and Ridley Scott with Blade Runner, up to the contemporary images of Thomas Struth in the photographic field.

    Fu Wenjun’s photographic series Leaving the Stage presents to the audience the figures of the abandoned and useless locomotives and factories. The theme and the visual effect of the series indicate that the artist displays and expresses the modern industrial civilization from a post-modern position and perspective. That is to say, the industrial civilization still on view is landscaped and artisticized, but more importantly is historized in the images taken by Fu Wenjun and the image transformation made by him. Therefore, to the artist the importance doesn’t lie in the fact that the locomotives and the factories are going to leave the historic stage after a long time of use for being old or replaced by more advanced equipments; but it lies in the cultural, artistic and aesthetic position and attitude the artist has towards these industrial civilization symbols.

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