Group Exhibition: BORDERS 2021 | BODIES+CITIES SKIN

    Dates: June 14 – July 04, 2021
    Venue: THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, Venice

    Fu Wenjun mixed media works "A Riverside Town" and "A Mysterious Place" are featured at exhibition BORDERS 2021 | BODIES+CITIES SKIN, from June 14-July 4, 2021.

    A Riverside Town, Fu Wenjun, mixed media, 60x60cm, 2018

    A Mysterious Place, Fu Wenjun, mixed media, 60x60cm, 2018

    "A Riverside Town" and "A Mysterious Place" present Fu Wenjun's unique art style, integrating photography with various art media, like Chinese ink art, oil painting, sculpture. It breaks out the two-dimensional space and extends the artwork to a three-dimensional one. The audiences are guided into and enjoy an exceptional art experience wondering between figuration and abstraction.

    The two works at show reflect on public space and the whole city. They feature a "flowing city" with changes and transformations, and the flowing water is powerful as well as inclusive. In a modern city where differences coexist, it may inspire our thinking on more sustainable urbanization. In this way, the works respond to the exhibition theme BODIES+CITIES SKIN.

    BODIES+CITIES SKIN is about humankind that wants to wear his city like a second skin without borders or limits. City’s body is in constant evolution. It changes its skin and shows a renewed body. This mutation follows the direction of human development and it is a clear and true statement of cities changing time. From borders as individual bodies and souls to boundaries of cities in which we live, each line delimitates a surface and could be the starting point to something new, undiscovered.

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