Dates: June 28 to July 25, 2021
    Venue: various in Antwerp, Belgium

    Fu Wenjun's artwork "Gone with Wind" is featured at the 7th ONBOARDS BIENNALE held in Antwerp, Belgium from June 28 to July 25, 2021.

    This year ONBOARDS BIENNALE presents a themed exhibition of "SHOW UP/SHOW-OFF", as well as related guided tours, symposiums and performances. The artwork "Gone with Wind" by Fu Wenjun responds to the theme with his unique art style --- Digital Pictorial Photography. In the work, the artist expresses his reflections: over the long history, with the conclusion of an era, all of its glory and sufferings have gone with the wind, keeping forever in the memory. When we say goodbye to some days, isn’t it the same?

    Established in 2007, ONBOARDS BIENNALE is an exhibition of newly created artworks displayed in the public space. During the Biennale, the public can discover 200 art prints on Antwerp city’s billboards, presenting art prints from national and international established and emerging artists.

    By bringing art into shared public spaces, the ONBOARDS BIENNALE aims to create a possibility of social interaction, provoke public dialogue and offer new social and cultural experiences, promoting communication, reflection, self-awareness and humanity.

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