Fu Wenjun Was Awarded "Il David di Michelangelo" Visual Art Prize

    Fu Wenjun's work Look Around I presented at La Biennale Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea “IL RINASCIMENTO” 2021 from July 1 to 10. The Biennale awarded the artist "Il David di Michelangelo" Visual Art Prize.

    La Biennale Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea “IL RINASCIMENTO” 2021 was organized by Accademia Culturale Italia in Arte nel Mondo Associazione Culturale. The Bienale exhibitione was held at Società Operaia del Mutuo Soccorso of Lecce, Italy, which established in 1861. More than 100 Artists from 32 countries and regions were invited to participate.

    The Prize certificate of Fu Wenjun says: he, who often takes refuge in a profound poetic "retreat", made of "spell" and "restlessness", clearly shows the ingenious cultural significance contained in his compositional systems, thus adding to his artistic production the sacred bond of the Seal, matrix of the distinctive "Signs" of intellectual authority and of every other creative act and, which is, beyond the pictorial grammar put in place, as it responds to a providential and vital expression of the History of Art.

    In the eyes of the artist, things in the world are always changing, and we can make some changes that are out of common sense. He is good at using digital technologies to deconstruct and reorganize image materials such as photos. He said, “I deconstruct a few or even dozens of photos, select the meaningful parts, and then combine and reconstruct them. This is one of the core concepts of the 'Digital Pictorial Photography' I proposed.”

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