The Preface of Spiritual Graphic

      This year is the 150th anniversary of the OldSummerPalacedisaster. Our spirit continues, and our flame never dies. Both Chinese people and their nation have improved themselves all those years. History has changed, and our revival is more accessible, since our progress has been witnessed by the whole world. Writing Epics of our own times, we also feel sad for the past hundred years of sufferings. A blue print has expended before us, which is such a rare chance in a century.

      There used to be painters depicting the scenes in theOldSummerPalace, leaving precious historical records to us. However, their competence could never fully grasp the beauty of hundreds of pavilions there, because it was a garden of gardens created by skillful masters, a northern palace paralleled to the marvelous scenery in regions south of theYangtze River. Rareness and magnificence are everywhere. One’s heart is bound to be moved here. No matter how cleaver he is, a painter will never be able to depict the palace, and what he does is nothing but adding brilliance to its present splendor.

      Today there is an artist called Fu Wenjun who cherishes the legacy of theOldSummerPalace, and captured theOldSummerPalacein different time of the day with his excellent photography skill. His aim is to better present the cultural connotations of the ruinedOldSummerPalaceby making use of the light. With collage means, he makes twelve bronze animals’ heads return to the place where they used to be. He has realized many people’s dream. Although he might not be as crafty as the old masters, yet his heart is sincere and his deeds are laudable. He is endowed with talents and diligence to finish his artwork that finally his hard work pays off. Those photos are exhibited in theOldSummerPalaceand will be cherished for good.

      Fortunately, The Old Summer Palace exhales the old and inhales the new, showing its visage again. In spirit it is not old; it is now as new as a teenager because it now has become part of the contemporary art. Chinese cultural gene is powerful, and it has an amazingly strong ability to repair itself. People are enjoying the beauty of the Palace’s desolation, but only people who are really inside the garden miss its moment of independence and power.

      Fu’s works have grasped the traditional Chinese spirit “If one day is new, everyday is new”, because they are a kind of renewals. The graphical representations have shown us the rapid change in time. Having this in mind, we need to work even harder to make reformation. This is the 150th anniversary of theOldSummerPalace’s fall, and I am here to record this brand-new world.

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