Words of Being-towards-Death

      Fu Wenjun used the clinical radiography technology together with computer synthetic processing method in his creation and created a series of photography works named No Realms.

      The visual effect is stunning: it is not only because of the sharp contrast between the illusionary lines and the images; but more importantly, it is because of the unusual juxtaposition of the modern radiography and the traditional statues. Such a combination either adopts the monochrome negative film effect or presents vague images against saturated colors. In addition to the frightening feeling caused by human skulls, the pictures with simple outlines, complicated images and delicate textures seem to be weird and mysterious.

      The secularity of Chinese Buddhism belief is worth studying, but even the most practical Chinese followers still have to face death. The fear of death was not only the psychological foundation for the origin of religions, but it also generated the primitives’ imagination about the other world-for instance,the history of Buddhism statues happened to be a very important part of the Chinese ancient art history. Using such images as the creation resources, together with personal selection, combination and post processing to reexamine the unavoidable and ultimate topic is Fu Wenjun’s backwash towards the prevalent consumer culture and hedonism trend nowadays. One might begin to pursue the meaning of life and art might be of value only when one realizes that the life he or she is living is only a life running towards death.

      March 3rd,2011

      By the side of TaohuaMountain,Chongqing

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