First of all, I would like to thank every reader who opens the book, for the interest you show to it. It is common for artists to publish painting albums, but few of them will have their manuscripts published. In fact, this book originated from a flash of sheer inspiration, which probably relates to the nature of artists. On one spare afternoon, I accidently found an old exhibition brochure when browsing albums and books. The moment I saw my works, I felt strange yet familiar, like coming across my puppy love girl and feeling sweet yet complicated. That afternoon, I looked over those long-past works in an entirely new way. Each painting picture lingered on in my mind like a Pandora’s Box, and I cannot resist it. Unfortunately, I only found a word or two when I tried to obtain more information of that exhibition and the reaction of visitors. Even in my mind, except the vague yet strong creating intention, the details were beyond recall.

      When looking back those old works, I believe that my readers will have the same complicated feeling as me. I think that creation, besides recorded in forms of pictures, can be manifested in forms of documentaries and literature of real responses from critics and audience. Therefore, this book is a documentary narration, supplemented by pictures, aiming to record the whole creation process fully and accurately. The current recording tools for history and information have become more diverse, and the functions have become more powerful; however, these mechanical recording tools always replace the past with real-time updates. Like the exhibition information on the Internet, with new exhibitions coming, the old ones will be replaced, sealed, and finally deleted. A famous philosopher Benedetto Croce once said, all history is contemporary history, which will exert a significant impact on the contemporary. Therefore, I would like to record my art history in my own way, which can also be showed in my creating process, because I believe that the specific, real history is full of infinite power.

      Goethe said that if you want others like your value, you need to create value for the world. This book contains my photographic works, “SummerPalace” series. I came up with the idea in 2002, and completed the whole work in 2010. Personally speaking, the 10-year creation has its value, if not in-depth influence. I hope through a detailed organization and description of the whole creating process and exhibition, greater value can be endowed to creation itself. The contents include the on-site exhibition, the creating process, audience accepting extent, and other backgrounds. It is a re-understanding and review of my artistic creation, as well as a summary of this creative period. At the same time, it is also my way to thank Mr. Hu Jiujiu, a curator of the exhibition, for his help during the whole process.

      If the exhibition has been accepted by my reader, then I hope this book can make more readers understand me and my works, so as to understand the developing status of arts. Those things can more or less manifest themselves in my creative conception, the curator’s planning style, the viewer’s appreciating angle, and the extent of their acceptation. Therefore, this book contains not only critics’ and artists’ comments to my works, but also the viewers’ opinions. After all, contemporary art creation is no longer completely enclosed in an elitist ivory tower, though to a considerable extent, it still goes along with the elitist art history, defending its spirit pursue and creating art value through criticizing the mass culture. However, respecting the mass audience is the premise for them to accept the contemporary art and an effective way to change their aesthetic concepts. This is also one of my reasons to publish this manuscript. Of course, more importantly, I hope that I can fully understand the creative state and the creative conception of this period whenever I need, so as to inspect each period of my artistic creation under the guidance of True Art.

      Wenjun Fun

      March, 9th, 2011

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