Fu Wenjun: Notes on Thought Thinking, No Realms and Illusory Metamorphoses Notes

      Religion is the general theory of the world, which is also the ultimate concern of mankind. It affects human's value orientation, shapes individual’s mentality structure. – March, 2009

      I was completely conquered by the shock of Dunhuang grottoes, Longmen Grottoes and Dazu grottoes when I traveled there. A meditation arises spontaneously when I am facing with the giant and calm figure of Buddha. However, in recent years Buddhist gods of gold and silver in Ceylon,Burma,Thailand,Japan,China, andIndiawhich is no longer a Buddhist country for a long time, are displayed and sold in jewelry stores. The holy land of Buddhism becomes tourism resort, with lots of Buddhist relics mass-produced in a superficial and rough way which is not in accordance with Buddhist rites filling the big shops everywhere. In fact, these man made statues have nothing to do with the sanctity and sacred meaning of the primitive religion itself, thus a business behavior relying on the consumption of culture acquired from the superficial form of Buddhism. -- June, 2009

      The essence of modern Buddhism was distorted and even tampered; it is covered by superficial vanity and simplified as some formula. How to seek its true meaning? But it can't be explored by CT (a fully functional disease detection instrument), which can get to the source of disease through scientific means, leaving the dross and all minor details not considered. --- November, 2009

      There is no lack of creator of contemporary art who are skimming to grab the superficial tradition of culture inChina. And to get rid of these tasteless but wasteful-to-discard visual images becomes the aims of my attempt. – December, 2009

      It seems that I’ve found a connection between CT imaging and Buddhist statues’ photography, which are interrelated but mutually exclusive. Either in medical imaging or Buddhist statues’ photography, the images themselves do have some suggestion of life and death. – December, 2009

      CT imaging is a kind of image reconstruction, and the image itself has some kind of fantasy, just as figures of Buddhist statues. As is known to all, other Buddha statues except for that of Shakya Mani Buddha and his successor Maitreya Buddha do not exist in history, but take shape through meditation mind remodeling. – January, 2010

      As a traditional cultural belief, Buddhism cannot emerge and exist without imagination; there is no religion without imagination. The mission of imagination is to approach to and communicate with gods by soul, to experience the religious feelings from the heart. Zen inIndiais originally meant to be meditation. Thus the imagination of Zen is a kind of intuitive thinking and a kind of visual perspective of objects, neither analytical nor rational. Modern imaging is characterized by its features of scientific quantitative, qualitative methods and so on, with visible and tangible physical objects as its basis of existence. -- February, 2010

      Being different from other founders of religions such as Jesus Christ or Mohamed, Buddha does not feel he is the only declarer of truth. He claims himself neither prophet nor God but one of the sentient beings of the all human. He tells human what he recognizes as sufferings and that the way to overcome these suffering lies in four noble truths which are suffering, accumulating, extinction, and the way. His view expresses the Buddha’s basic attitude toward life---he takes life as bitterness. For him the meaning of life is suffering, that is to say, to overcome life and eventually enter Nirvana so as to transcend the transmigration of permanent. – May, 2010

      If you want to explore the meaning of death, you should first understand that death is not an isolated phenomenon and there is life lying behind. Namely, life and death are inseparable, which is absolute and cannot be changed because of personal likes or dislikes. Therefore, to explore the meaning of death is in fact to seek the meaning of life. -- Daisetz Suzuki "Beyond My Life", 2010

      When selecting media, Artists regard media not as external, unimportant material, but an essential element in the process of artistic creation. Although photography is considered as an art form on paper by using camera and output device, I think, besides images, the media to which the images attach are also very important. The images output by way of media like canvas, paper, mirror, metal and so on produce various unexpected effects. Therefore, I pay more attention to the treatment of tone, line, texture and other aesthetic elements. – September, 2010

      In contemporary society where there is much impetuous clamor but little spiritual stuff, the high-speed development of science and technology is of no use to solve the ultimate human problems. Still, religion will influence the world of spirit with a participating attitude in the secular world. -- October, 2010

      The relationship between life and death is close and inseparable. It’s decided that death will inevitability come when a human is born. But life may not be great and dead not sorry because how can we feel sorry if life is of no meaning and how can we feel happy if death comes with dignity? If life and death is inevitable, life itself is just the process to seek meaning and dignity. – December, 2010

      Spencer writes: almost all people hold a belief that man will be re-born after death. Death and rebirth becomes a major theme in Buddhist art, and this model goes in harmony with people’s internal instinct desire for everlasting life in their deep hearts. The Buddhist regards this-worldly life and death just as a paragraph of infinite life process. – January, 2011

      I agree with Heidegger who holds that man is living to die if he is still alive, that is, man is living in a manner of either ‘being dead’ or ‘will die’. This is an existence of death all through ‘being alive’. – January, 2011

      The depicting of Elysian Fields in Buddhist literature is appealing. Buddhist says: "there are seven precious pools in Elysian Fields full of water of eight virtues, with sand of gold in the bottom, gold, silver, glass, and glass synthesis on the four sides of street, and pavilion in gold and silver…” The passage to heaven, which used to be only through abstinence and Penance, becomes money and rights trading in modern society in which consumption and worship of money prevail. ---February, 2011

      If people follow the living model that the Buddha encourages, then to live a moral life. – February, 2011

      My works seem to be with a panic or look strange because in my opinion only strange mental state can help me escape from the convergent inclination to secular culture and consuming age. – April, 2011

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