Chinese Artist Fu Wenjun at International Art Fair Warsaw 2016

    Between April 7 and 10, the PGE National Stadium host the InternationalArt Fair Warsaw 2016. It was the first event of this scale organised in Poland,and it featured not only domestic artists, but also many guests from abroad:Great Britain, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Romania, Chinaand others. The fair presented several dozen works, from paining, tophotography, to modern design.

    Fu Wenjun was the only Chinese artist shown at International Art FairWarsaw 2016. It was also the first time for the artist to present hisconceptual photography works in Poland. For this especially meaningfuloccasion, Fu selected some artworks with featured Chinese cultural andphilosophic elements, which are presented with imaginary forms and colours. Hesays, “in my works I express with something seems to belong to one culture andsociety, but the philosophy behind these forms, colours, figures is to presentsomething in common in our globalizing world. In the process of globalization,the communication and the fusion of different culture is an inevitable process.In my works, you can find something Eastern, but at the same time somethingWestern, something you are familiar and something strange to you, but they allcan coexist in a harmonious and beautiful way. Everyone from different parts ofthe world can understand my identical conceptual photography work, but just ina different way. All understanding is acceptable.”

    Here are two of the conceptual photography works at International Art Fair Warsaw 2016.

    350 B.C.

    Conceptual photography 80x2500px 2014-2015

    “The best way to describe a longjourney which starts from history, analyses the ideal of beauty, gets to theharmony with a modern superimposition of images to analyse the ancestralconcepts, is through a masterpiece like 350B.C. The form of an ancient Venus is superimposed upon the perfection ofthe wheel, the symbol of progress, and at the same time harmonious form. Thewarm tones, yang, are in perfect balance with femininity and roundness, whichare more yin.” (By Italian art critic Letizia Lanzarotti)

    Among the Clouds

    Conceptual photography 80x2500px 2014-2015

    “Even with a very long distancegeographically, the Western and the Eastern always tells the similar and neverfinished stories about the people and the history, like the painful slave orthe beautiful woman of the Tang Dynasty. Isn’t it confusing and curious?” (By Fu Wenjun)

    Regarding the artistic creation thinking, Fu Wenjun concernsmost about the culture issues. He thinks the culture is directly related to thehuman beings and the times; no matter the classic culture or the presentculture, only they relate us, they worth our profound study. He has alsoclearly realized that all history in the world developing to the present timeis a global process lasting hundreds of years. In this process, the culturesare enormously influenced, because no one has a stable formality, each one isunder reconstruction by the interaction with the others.

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