Fu Wenjun at Peninsula Fine Arts Center 2016 Biennial

    Fu Wenjun conceptual photography work Food is the God of the People shown at the Biennial

    Peninsula Fine Arts Center's"Biennial 2016: A Juror's Perspective of the Current State of the Arts" show opened on May 20 Chinese artist Fu Wenjun has brought to theBiennial his conceptual photography work Foodis the God of the People. The 2016 Biennial displays paintings,photography, sculptures, pottery and other works from artists in Virginia andaround the country in places like Colorado and Washington, as well as China.

    The show, which takes place at PFAC every two years, features 55 works by 40 artists selected from 164 artistsby Valerie Fletcher, senior curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and SculptureGarden in Washington, D.C.

    The work Food is the God of the People shown at the Biennial was createdbased on the Chongqing Dazu Grotto --- China’s most brilliant grotto statueachievements in the 13th century. Thanks to Fu’s long-time immersionand research on the Chinese traditional art and culture, the work, expressed incontemporary art language of photography, represents a combination of Chinesetraditional painting texture and Western painting composition, a reflection of Chinesetraditional philosophy on current human issues. This great art creationdisplayed in a huge size, has impressed the audience, attracting them to have acareful watching, reading and thinking.

    Peninsula Fine Art Center 2016 Biennial willlast until June 26, 2016.

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