Chinese artist Fu Wenjun at the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Verona, Italy

    Verona, 10 June2016 (

    Vittorio Sgarbi, Italianfamous art historian, art critic cut the ribbon of Triennial of Contemporary Art in Verona at 16:00 on Thursday, June 9. The Chinese artist Fu Wenjun wasinvited to exhibit his conceptual photography works at this big art event of 2016.

    Vittorio Sgarbi and Fu Wenjun

    "Shakespeare in Art" Award FU WENJUN

    Fu Wenjun's works on show 1

    Fu Wenjun's works on show 2

    Fu Wenjun and his work lovers

    Mr. Sgarbi, curatorof Italian Pavilion at 54th Venice Biennale, visited the Triennial after theopening. He carefully watched the conceptual photography works of artist FuWenjun and communicated with the artist. Your photography works own the painting-likecolor and texture, Mr Sgarbi said, the conceptual photography to you is anindependent and unique 'painting'. Good art works, like Mr. Fu’s, should notonly be beautiful, what’s more important is the thinking flowing inside theworks.

    Fu Wenjun, anemblematic representative of the current conceptual art. Interpreter ofconceptual photography, Mr. Fu tackles strictly cultural issues such as theEastern and Western history, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture in arapidly changing society, the relationship between different cultures in theage of globalization, industrialization and urbanization in Chinese cities. Hebelieves that conceptual photography is the channel through which the artistcommunicates his vision.

    This time FuWenjun’s works on show, like 350 B.C.,Among the Clouds, Food is the God of People, No Realms etc. have explored therelationship between different cultures in the age of globalization.

    In the occasion ofTriennial, the artist Fu Wenjun received a special award, "Shakespeare inArt" International Contemporary Art Award, in recognition of his uniqueartistic style, outstanding artistic contribution, and his participation atTriennial as one of the most important invited artists.

    Fu Wenjun(, a creative genius who received the 1st Prize ofDigital Art at the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art inArgentina, the "prize for best artist in the world" to the GreatUniversal Exhibition in Paris, the award "Lorenzo il Magnifico” at theFlorence Biennale and the 55th Venice Biennale has been the invitedartist of the collateral exhibition titled “Voice of the Unseen ChineseIndependent Art 1979 / Today”.

    His works areexhibited among the great collections of the Today Art Museum in Beijing, theSummer Palace, the Old Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo, the DubaiCommunity Theatre and Arts Center, the Aldo Castillo Gallery, the Chongqing ArtMuseum , the Dazu Grotto Museum, the Office of the United Nations in New York,the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) etc.

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